Hospitality interior design


Myhotelmood is an hotel design studio.  Myhotelmood designs new formats of accommodation facilities and investigates possible scenarios in the hospitality world.
Certainly, Myhotelmood is  a connection point between hotel owners and manufacturing companies producing finishes, fabrics, furnishing products and accessories for the hotel world.

Hotels and hospitality: decisive aspects for understanding the change

Tourism is completely evolving and constantly seeking innovation. The determining elements to understand the dynamics that move the sector are:

  •   The development of mass tourism and business trips that  radically changed the way people stay. In fact in the last 30 years, there has been a considerable expansion of the demand and offer of accommodation facilities.
  •   The extension of the traditional concept of hotel thanks to which also bed & breakfasts, hostels, private houses or single rooms, and in more extreme cases shelters such as caravans, containers, camping tents have been recognized as true “accomodation” and considered no longer only spaces for wild adventurers.
  •  The increasing presence of Millenials as a new generation of consumers  who have helped to change the sector with revolutionary needs and habits (just think of the use of social media to share experiences, the use of portals like Tripadivsor, booking, edreams for travel booking)

Key Activities 

As an hotel design studio we :  

  • Develop ideas of hotel spaces and, in a wider way, of accomodation facilities 
  • Make spaces with a composition of furniture and finishes of companies present on the Italian and international market
  • Promote design products, including them in the project proposals 
  • Search for innovative hotel formats
  • Identify interventions on a limited budget (Hospitality tips for hotel owners)
  • Working on Ad hoc consultancy

The hotel offer in the world

From an overall analysis of the hospitality world, it emerges that the sector is largely occupied by large hotel chains, owners or managers of groups of brands that are positioned at all levels of the market, from the cheapest to luxury, with offers that they become more and more thematic and varied. The presence of companies like Airbnb has certainly revolutionized and subverted the pre-existing dynamics in the market, leading companies to dedicate to innovation a crucial role in order to compete with new, extremely flexible and innovative realities, able to attract large numbers of customers.